Pay with your cellphone anywhere and anytime

Unipagos is an electronic pay system that works with a cash based digital wallet. You don't need a bank account, debit or credit card just your cellphone!

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  • Traceable

    Never loose sight of your expenses and payments, everything is on your wallet history

  • Affordable

    Get access to digital services at an optimal price.

  • Convenient

    Use your wallet to make purchases and payments without delays at any time .

  • Recoverable

    When you loose money is not going back, with Unipagos you can recover it even when your mobile is gone.

What can i do?


Pay bills and top ups directly from your cellphone.

Money transfer

Send and receive money from person to person in a secure and easy way.


Use your money to purchase from anywhere and anytime with our affiliated network of merchants.


We connect to our clients in a way that it is impossible to have access to their confidential information while on transit.

We operate in a "PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified Provider" enviroment, this means that we comply with the best security standards in electronic transactions and we use the most advanced technology to process and secure your information.


For technical issues and other important topics, tell us what we can do for you.

For any other questions give us a message to our email or whatsapp channel.